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$3 discount on Ketura 3.5g until we permanently reduce the price to $37.

  • Candy Land
  • Kush Master
  • Orange Creamsicle
  • Primus

$25 Chocolate Strawberry $25

Rootdown now $30

Freedom Farms wx/crmbl now $21 OR 2 for $40

We’re running a special on THCBD all 3.5 grams for $35


Dabsquash Wax

  • 1 for $14
  • 2 for $25

Bargain Corner

fresh cannabis sourced daily from a wide variety of locally grown farmers for the price conscious consumer

Flowers/Bud Starting Price 

  • 1g flower for $5

Bulk Flower/Bud

  • 14g $39-$60
  • 28g $75-$105


  • 4pk 2g for $7
  • 2 4pk 4g for $12
  • 2pk 1g Infused for $10

Wax/Oil (priced from):

  • 1g Wax/Oil for $12 or 2 for $20
  • 1g Vapes $15
  • 1g Hash for $10

Know your strains of weed



The Indica strain provides a relaxing full-body high, perfect for those days you want to just curl up on the couch watching TV or surfing the internet. However, most people use Cannabis Indica after a long day at work to relieve stress, provide full-body pain relief, and help them fall asleep at night.

Indica strains are ideal for chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, nausea, appetite stimulation, and sleep deprivation. Individuals who suffer from diseases like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, lupus, sleep apnea and insomnia tend to benefit from the effects of Cannabis Indica.



Sativa strain types are known to produce an uplifting and cerebral high that is typically very energizing and stimulating. Sativa are known to make you laugh uncontrollably or engage in in-depth conversations about the meaning of life. These strains typically cause you to analyze the human experience and think creatively, which makes Cannabis Sativa very popular among philosophers, artists and musicians.

Some Sativa have even been found to enhance lights and sounds, making music, movies, and the rest of your surroundings more vibrant than ever before.



The best of both worlds, where the effects can vary from the more dominate genetic of Indica or Sativa phenotype.


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